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Angel Thompson

Simple Login Log WordPress ((FULL))

In this post, I will focus on the Simple History WordPress plugin and guide you on how you can use this plugin to check login logs on your WordPress website. I found this plugin suitable and very easy to use when compared to other plugins.

Simple Login Log WordPress

A. By default, the plugin comes with a pre-defined set of actions which includes login, logout, wrong password, post/page editing, media upload, widget, user profile changes, etc. To get more info, see the plugin page here.

Your site may have had a brute force attack attempted on it. You can use plugins such as login lockdown from our article: -and-why-you-should-limit-login-attempts-in-your-wordpress/for a protective measure against this.

If you run a WordPress membership site or an online store, then many of your users will see the login page often. Customizing the default WordPress login page allows you to offer a better user experience.

WPForms is the best WordPress contact form plugin on the market. Coincidentally, their plugin also includes an add-on to create beautiful WordPress login and registration forms, which we will show you later in this article.

Theme My Login also allows you to use shortcodes to create custom login and registration pages. You can simply create a page for each action and then add the page slug here so that the plugin can find and redirect users properly.

For example, you can add some text to your login page, a video, or a new button. There are more customization options under the Advanced blocks section, where you can to add a countdown timer, social sharing icons, and more.

If WordPress page builder plugins are not your thing, then you can use custom CSS to style the form and the login page itself. Alternatively, you can also use CSS Hero plugin to easily add custom CSS styles.

If you want to replace the WordPress logo on the login screen with your own logo, then you can easily use a WordPress plugin or add custom code. We will show you both methods you can use one that best suits you.

Thank you for your helpful videos. I have successfully installed TML and like the look of the login page. If not logged in, though, and an attempt is made to access different pages from the header, such as a product page, the user is taken to a default login page, not the TML one. How do I fix this? Thank you.

Oh also, could you also show us how to use css to change the button color and text color on the login screen? I would like to make a fancy custom login page but at least changing away from the wordpress blue would look better with our black, white and red logo. thank you, helpful article, appreciate it!

You would need to use CSS to edit the styling of your site like that, for a starting point you would want to take a look at our article below: -tutorials/basics-of-inspect-element-with-your-wordpress-site

Please check your theme my login settings. You can also try updating WordPress permalinks. Simply visit Settings Permalinks and then click on the save changes button without changing anything.

I was looking for creating own login page template with all the functionalities. Is there any way of creating our own login page template without plugin. Or codex section where we can learn and create our own login template.

Hello, just wanted to know if when you create a login like this, if the members of the site are redirected to their own account. I run a tax company and I want my clients to be able to access their account and then upload files through there, as well as see the status of their specific tax return. Their account would have to be linked to their login IDs that way they can see what is specific to them. Please let me know, thank you.

I just got Theme My Login, version 6.3.9, and installed it into my wordpress theme (wp version 3.9). I activated the plugin but I see no Theme My Loging inside (under) the Setting what I do see is a TML following under Settings that does show the modules & general but no tabs. Help!

Simple History is a versatile WordPress activity log plugin that does its job well and for free. Open your site dashboard or a separate page to monitor user activity, including menu changes, failed logins, and data export requests.

Depending on its cause, there are three ways to solve the WordPress login redirect loop issue: clearing browser cookies and cache, restoring .htaccess file, and deactivating themes and plugins.

WordPress login redirect loop is a common issue that can happen to anyone. Fortunately, you can easily solve this error by clearing browser cookies and cache, restoring default .htaccess file, and deactivating themes and plugins.

The simplest way to find your WordPress login URL is to add /admin to the end of your site URL. For example, if your WordPress site is, you can access your login page by visiting If you are not logged in, WordPress will automatically redirect you to the WordPress admin login page.

To give you an idea of how all-inclusive they are, WP Security Audit Log tracks events such as user registrations, logins, uploaded or modified files, source IPs, core updates, changes to your Multisite network, and more. If you want an all-in-one logging solution, this may be the plugin for you:

If you're looking to have a simple login/logout link in your WordPress Menu, then there is an easy solution! We at MemberPress recommend that you use the Login or Logout Menu Item plugin because it is easy to use and it is reliable.

Seamless Login functionality is enabled for the entire WP Engine plan by an Owner-level user. Individual account users can then easily login to any environment that they have access to in the User Portal. Individual users are each logged in with their own user generated from their email address and User Portal role.

All users created by Seamless login will be administrators in WordPress. WordPress user role can be lowered to editor on a WordPress user, if desired from the WordPress admin. Learn about User Portal roles and how to change them here.

Social login is an easy alternative to other types of logins, like email registration or forms, and makes users much more likely to complete the signup process. Additionally, social login helps visitors save time by giving them one less username-password combination to remember.

With over 300,000 downloads, Nextend Social Login is the most popular WordPress plugin for social login, and for good reason: This free tool integrates with your WordPress login screen and adds the option to log in with Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Social Login is another reputable WordPress plugin that lets visitors log in, register, and comment on your site through dozens of social networks. It fits cleanly into your WordPress login process, so users can provide and remove their social accounts when desired. It supports leading social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, PayPal, LiveJournal, and Instagram.

If you want a free plugin with the option to upgrade in the future, try AccessPress Social Login Lite. The free version lets you choose a Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google login option, then pick a customizable template for your login button to fit with the design of your site. Lastly, it produces a shortcode snippet to place the social login element anywhere on your site.

The paid version of AccessPress Social Login supports 9 additional social networks including Instagram and LinkedIn, additional design templates for broader login page customization, and integration with WooCommerce and BuddyPress.

User accounts in WooCommerce accelerate the buying experience, especially for repeat customers, so you want customers to be able to sign up hassle-free. Social login makes it easier for new customers to get started on your ecommerce site.

Super Socializer is a free, easy-to-use, multipurpose social media plugin for WordPress. It helps you integrate social media sites on your comment box, and offers social sharing options along with its social login feature. Once visitors register on your site, their profile data will be saved in your blog database, allowing you to communicate with them if needed.

This social login plugin by miniOrange supports login through Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Instagram, Amazon, and more. It can also be integrated with other advanced plugins like WooCommerce, Mailchimp, and BuddyPress.

The free version of Social Sharing comes with plenty of customization options for login icons, and lets administrators automatically assign WordPress user roles (including custom user roles) to new registrants. Users can also receive email notifications when registering. Plus, these are other social options included like commenting and social sharing.

miniOrange also has Standard and Premium paid plans for its social sharing plugin, which pack in more features to give you greater control of your login process and integrations with WooCommerce, Mailchimp, BuddyPress, and more.

For a high-quality, front-end social login and registration system, try UserPro. This premium WordPress plugin adds a beautiful social registration and login system to your site, allowing users to make accounts with their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram social profiles.

If you installed WordPress on a subdirectory ( or subdomain (, add one of the three paths at the very end of your URL such as: or

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