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Codename Jump: How to Download and Play the New Dragon Ball Z MOBA Game

Codename Jump: A New Anime MOBA Game You Need to Try

If you are a fan of anime and MOBA games, you might want to check out Codename Jump, a new game that combines both genres in a thrilling and immersive way. Codename Jump is a 2D anime multiplayer MOBA game that features popular characters from various anime series, such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Demon Slayer, and more. In this game, you can control your favorite anime character and fight against other players in fast-paced action battles with a complex narrative. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Codename Jump, including what it is, how to download and play it, what are its features, and what are some tips and tricks for it.

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What is Codename Jump?

Codename Jump is a 2D anime multiplayer MOBA game that was developed by Mobage, a Chinese company that specializes in mobile games. The game was released in February 2023 and is currently only available in China. However, the developers have stated that they are working on a global launch date and that they will gradually release more information about the game.

A 2D anime multiplayer MOBA game

Codename Jump is based on the 5v5 MOBA format, which means that two teams of five players each compete to destroy the enemy's base while defending their own. The game has two main modes: classic MOBA mode and duels mode. In classic MOBA mode, each team has three lanes (top, middle, and bottom) and a jungle area where they can find neutral monsters and objectives. The players have to cooperate with their teammates to push the lanes, kill the enemy players, and take down the enemy towers and inhibitors. In duels mode, players can invite random online players or their friends to join them in a one-on-one or two-on-two fight. The duels mode is more fast-paced and intense than the classic MOBA mode, as the players have to rely on their skills and strategies to defeat their opponents.

A crossover of popular anime characters

One of the most appealing aspects of Codename Jump is that it features a large number of popular characters from various anime series, such as Goku from Dragon Ball, Naruto from Naruto, Luffy from One Piece, Ichigo from Bleach, Tanjiro from Demon Slayer, and many more. Each character has their own unique skills and abilities that reflect their personality and powers in the anime. For example, Goku can use his Kamehameha wave, Naruto can summon his shadow clones, Luffy can stretch his limbs, Ichigo can unleash his Bankai, Tanjiro can use his water breathing technique, and so on. The players can choose their favorite character and customize their appearance and equipment according to their preferences.

A fast-paced action gameplay with a complex narrative

Codename Jump is not just a simple MOBA game that focuses on combat. It also has a rich and immersive storyline that involves twists and turns, multiple choices, and different outcomes. The The storyline of Codename Jump is based on the premise that the anime characters have been transported to a mysterious world where they have to fight against each other and an unknown enemy. The players can choose to follow different paths and make different decisions that will affect the outcome of the story. The story also has multiple endings, some of which are happy, some of which are tragic, and some of which are surprising. The players can replay the story mode to explore different possibilities and unlock hidden secrets.

How to download and play Codename Jump?

As mentioned before, Codename Jump is currently only available in China, which means that it is not officially released on the Google Play Store or the App Store. However, there are still ways to download and play the game if you are outside of China. Here are the steps you need to follow:

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