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Angel Thompson
Angel Thompson

Matshikos - Innocent Man Extra Quality

The gifted vocalist died at Baragwanath Hospital in Johannesburg on Friday night following a long illness.In 1991 Dan Tshanda convinced his two musicians Kunene and the late Joseph Tshimange to form pop reggae and decided to call them Matshikos, a name derived from the two musicians' nicknames Mxola and Themba.Their debut album The Park Is Mine was a runaway success with hit songs such as I'm trapped, Iron Hand and Superstar.From then, Matshikos grew into a mega group which went on to release more platinum selling albums like Innocent Man, Surrender and Happy Man.In 1995 Tshimange was shot dead at his house in Soweto and for some years it appeared Matshikos were simply gone.Problems between Kunene and Tshanda arose and Tshanda was forced to use Daniel Mokwena as lead singer in the album Usozisola.The two men were later to patch up their differences and subsequently released the album Surrender in 1998.In between, Kunene was producing music for another group called By4, which was co founded by his fiance Ivory Sikepe.The last album Kunene did for Matshikos was Happy Man released more than six years ago.His stand off with Tshanda resulted in the recruitment of Albert 'Mavilos' Malahlela as lead singer in Matshikos latest release, Ejele.\n \n \n \n \n \n window.googletag = window.googletag \n cmd: []\n\n ;\n googletag.cmd.push(function()\n \n googletag.defineSlot('\/1067274\/Mmegi_Blank_MediumRectangle_article_300x250', [300, 250], 'gpt-mmegi_blank_mediumrectangle_article_300x250').addService(googletag.pubads());\n googletag.enableServices();\n googletag.display('gpt-mmegi_blank_mediumrectangle_article_300x250'); \n\n );\n \n \n \n \n \n The news of Kunene's poor health surfaced last year and were further fuelled by By4's failure to release any more music.Tshanda said he was shocked by the news of his former band member's death. The ace producer told Showbiz that what pained him most was that Kunene died before the two could resolve their differences.\"It is so painful, he contributed a lot to the success of Splash and Matshikos and the other groups in my stable and that he died before we could reconcile makes it even worse for me,\" Tshanda said.\"I just do not know what to say, I tried to reunite, with him but later he was not taking my calls anymore. He was such a talented musician and he was still going to offer more to the music industry and frankly speaking all this time when we had problems I was hoping that one day we would burry the hatchet for good,\" he said.Thabile Mazolwane, who worked with Kunene at Dalom Music, had this to say about the late musician: \"He was such a quiet person, always willing to give a hand. His talent was amazing, he was just one in a million, but he is now gone. Those of us who are still here will carry on the baton though it is not easy to match such a giant.\"From a drummer and a vocalist for Splash during the group's maiden years, Kunene grew into a fine producer. Apart from By4 he had also produced two albums for himself under PK Movement with the title Us'khathazile and another one called On My Own, a pop reggae album in the mould of Matshikos numbers.In 2006 he produced another project called Don't Cry, for Maun-based musician Innocent man real name, Taudi Lopang.Lopang is now at a loss for words after Kunene's death. He is not sure if his career will also die.\"I am still trying to come to grips with his death, and I do not believe I will get another producer like him who will always be willing to listen and give advice without pushing you. It is a great loss,\" he said.Lopang conceded that his producer had been depressed in recent years as he always moaned about how things were not working for him in the music industry despite his hard work.\"But he was a spirited man and he kept fighting. It was God's call this time and we should just pray for his soul to rest in peace,\" Lopang said.Before he died Kunene had produced an album for By4 called Molweni which was released last week in South Africa and is still to hit the shelves this side of the border.His own called The Return was due for release later in September, but God had other plans.Kunene will be buried at the weekend in Soweto.","author_name":"CHIPPA LEGODIMOCorrespondent \r\n","author_id":-113,"publish_time":"2009-05-12 00:00:00","max_publish_time":"2009-05-12 00:00:00","permalink":"artculture-review\/former-matshikos-singer-dies\/news","summary":"","article_byline":"CHIPPA LEGODIMOCorrespondent \r\n","is_old_article":1,"visit_count":0,"image_path":"","article_tags":"","section_name":"","section_id":null,"sub_section_name":"","sub_section_id":0,"is_archive":"1","article_custom_fields":"\"keyword_tagging\":[\"\"],\"other_keywords\":[\"Former Matshikos singer dies\\r\\n\"],\"summary\":[\"\"]","is_premium":"","related_articles_ids":"","images":[],"BulletedList":""} },success: function (response)$.each(response, function( index, value ) $(".ajax_widget[data-ajax_widget="+index +"]").append(value););,error: function (jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) });flag_load = 0;// }})} Explore Subscribe to Receive latest and breaking news via email Submit Follow us About us Mmegi is the leading independent source of breaking news, latest news, current affairs, Politics, Business, Sport, debates, analysis, and entertainment news in Botswana.

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