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Angel Thompson
Angel Thompson

Batman Arkham City Psp Iso \/\/FREE\\\\

The Dark Knight's third solo Lego adventure is bigger and, in some ways, better than everything that came before. At the time of its debut, this game had arguably the best roster in any release in the franchise, not just the ones starring Bats. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham delivers exactly what its title advertises, pushing the Caped Crusader away from his main hunting grounds into the wider DC universe.RELATED: Co-Op Games Perfect For Family Game Night Gameplay-wise, this is generally more of the same, offering a mix of puzzles, light combat, and exploration. The story is also quite amusing. Beyond Gotham's most divisive element is the inclusion of hub areas that contain most of the game's content outside the story missions. While visiting iconic locations like the Hall of Justice and Justice League Watchtower is fun, the hubs vary greatly in quality and size, making quite a few of them underwhelming. Beyond Gotham might have been better off creating one big city.Get it on Amazon here!

Batman Arkham City Psp Iso

Batman: Arkham Knight is by no means a bad game. Its world is exceptionally detailed, enough to leave players in awe. Most of the animosity towards this game is attributed to its Batmobile. The Batmobile hurt the flow of the campaign, adding repetitive gameplay sections that are far more polarizing than nearly any other part of the experience. If someone is a fan of tank combat, they might love this game more than any of the other entries in Rocksteady's series.Putting aside the Batmobile sections, Arkham Knight is otherwise all-around spectacular. Rocksteady refined the Arkham combat to near perfection, and an argument could be made that no subsequent game in the industry has surpassed Arkham Knight when it comes to melee action. Like the previous games in the series, this game's Gotham is a Gothic work of art. The city is gorgeous, dense, and punctuated by identifiable landmarks. Except for Batman: The Animated Series, Arkham Knight has the most fully realized Gotham outside the comics.Get the PS4 version on Amazon here!




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