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Where To Buy Bagels Near Me

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where to buy bagels near me


In the bagel biz for nearly 30 years, Philly Bagels is a trusty go-to to find a bagel in several locations around the city. All the classics are on offer here, but look at the specials menu for orders like pizza bagels or rainbow bagels with birthday cake cream cheese. Call for pickup or delivery.

In Queen Village, the Bagel Place boils and bakes its bagels using a touch of honey for a flavorful, chewy final product. Along with more than a dozen creative styles, pretzel bagels are a must-try here. A few of the flavored spreads are one of a kind too, including sour pickle and cheddar horseradish.

This Fresh Meadows maker has been spinning "all natural, handmade" kettle-boiled then baked bagels since 1961. Varieties like egg-onion, everything and blueberry each have a crisp crust and interior so chewy and ideal it almost takes off the edge off the word moist. Practically a landmark, Bagel Oasis is also open an eye-popping 24-hours a day, every day.

A Tribeca staple since 1994, Zucker's got that way by hand-rolling and kettle-boiling its bagels with the best of 'em. It now has five other shops around town, and you can mix and match a bunch of bagel varieties with schmears, salads and smoked fish, or turn them into egg sandwiches.

Russ & Daughters has been New York's pinnacle appetizing store since 1914, furnishing the whole city with lox, herring and bagels from its iconic little Lower East Side shop. It also has a morning and afternoon cafe nearby on Orchard Street and a fantastically gleaming retail factory not too far over the bridge in Brooklyn.

This Upper West Side institution began as a smoked fish sop with in was founded by Louis Zabar, a Ukrainian immigrant, in 1934. Still a family business in its third generation, its present 20,000 square-feet host a feast of savory and sweet treats, including its signature malt barley flour bagels.

Still named for the family that ran it from 1916-2008, Orwashers has expanded all the way from the east to the west side in it's century-plus in existence. In addition to bagels, which are among the most sandwich-able of the form, Orwashers overflows with an abundance of baked goods, which incorporate local ingrediends wherever possible.

Baskets of bagels, hand-written signs and a couple of tables fill this narrow space on its eponymous spot in Carroll Gardens. Choose from fresh baked onion, poppy, sesame and everything options and layer them with thick coats of cream cheese or breakfast and lunch sandwich fillings.

Bialys may seem to say it all at this 30s-era Lower East Side Jewish bakery, but the bagels are among the city's best, too. They're kettled-boiled, baked on burlap boards and finished on stone. Malt syrup creates a rich sweetness in the end product.

This West Village standby has been slinging superlative bagels in several varieties (poppy, cinnamon raisin, sesame) since 1996. The lines can be a little chaotic, but the spot somehow cranks through crowds clamoring for its fresh goods before you can even figure out where to stand.

This Park Slope bagel counter specializes in hand-rolled, kettle-cooked bagels in varieties like cinnamon raisin, pumpernickel and garlic. Adorn them in a vibrant array of flavored cream cheeses (mixed berry, guacamole), smoked fish or with the bodega-breakfast-of-champions, bacon, egg and cheese.

Our bagels are not your run-of-the-mill, bread with a hole in the middle. We start days ahead to make the bagel you eat today. Lots of magic, or if you prefer, science, going on over those days. Depth of flavor, chew, and my personal favorite, naturally easier to digest.

"Back in New York, they have great bagels and that's what we eat up there. That's what I like, and when I moved down here, I was trying to find some and I couldn't find any. So, I decided to open a New York-style bagel shop and that's what I did," Letchus, founder and owner of NYC Holey Moley Bagel Shop, told the Times-Union.

Located at 8616 Baymeadows Road, about halfway between I-95 and Philips Highway, NYC Holey Moley will offer at least 15 varieties of genuine New York-style bagels baked as well as multiple flavors of homemade cream cheese schmears, including s'mores, honey pecan, strawberry, veggie, cookie dough and pineapple, Lechtus said.

But NYC Holey Moley is more than just New York-style bagels and schmears. The restaurant also offers bagel breakfast sandwiches made with bacon, sausage, ham, eggs and more. Also on the breakfast menu are doughnuts, muffins and other pastries, as well as omelets, according to the Orange Park menu.

The Baymeadows shop joins the original NYC Holey Moley Bagel Shop at 179 College Drive in Orange Park. Letchus launched the Orange Park bagel shop on March 15, 2020, just as the pandemic uprooted life in Jacksonville and elsewhere.

Location: 10 River Rd, BogotaDetails: Boxcar Bagels delights patrons with giant bagels that are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. These high-quality, low-cost bagels taste great even when you eat them plain; however, when you do put something inside, Boxcar Bagels adds generous portions of filling. One thing to know about Boxcar is they are cash only.Why I like it: It takes true mastery of the craft to make even whole grain bagels taste delicious.More info: Look for them online to learn more.

Location: 1225 State Rd, PrincetonDetails: When Bagel Barn is at their best, locals say no other spot nearby can compete. In addition to their bagels, they sell platters and wraps such as the Turkey Swiss or Grilled Veggie wrap. You can also get burgers and sandwiches, including their signature Triple Decker sandwich, plus muffins and pastries. But be willing to wait during peak hours.Why I like it: You can easily make an afternoon out of your trip to Princeton North Shopping Center.More info: Look for them online to learn more.

Location: 2407 NJ-71, Spring LakeDetails: Bagel Station serves bagels, homemade soups, and even crunchy bagel chips straight from the oven. We recommend the multigrain bagel with veggie cream cheese from this Jersey Shore staple. But if you want to treat yourself to something special, you can order the smoked salmon bagel sandwich. The name may sound familiar, but this spot is one of a kind!Why I like it: They also offer gluten-free bagels here.More info: Look for them online to learn more. 041b061a72




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