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Vladislav Rybakov
Vladislav Rybakov

Buy Ethos Overdrive

"Inspired by the Trainwreck Express amplifier (built by the late Ken Fischer), the TWE-1 is solid-state pedal designed to emulate the touch-responsiveness and clean-to-overdriven range you get from a high-grade tube amp. Along with Volume, HI Cut, and Gain controls, the pedal has 3-position Cab switch (4x12, 2x12, off), a Presence switch that provides three levels of high-frequency boost (post OD), a Voice switch (Traditional and Modern British), and a bypassable Brite switch that provides two levels of high frequency boost (pre OD).

buy ethos overdrive

Premier Guitar Magazine: 'Tone Tips: A Mini-Board is Born' by Peter Thorn"...I'm going to detail a powerful mini-pedalboard that can cover a huge range of tones and serve as an entire rig if necessary--no amp required. Be it compressed cleans with modulation, reverb, and delay, or on-the-edge rocking crunch, I want it all in a 14" by 14" package...Pedal No.1 (of 9) The Ethos Clean II Preamp from Custom Tones, LLC was designed to essentially mimic the tone and response of a guitar amplifier. It can be used as a preamp and/or overdrive in front of a traditional guitar amp, but it can also be patched into a power amp and cabinet, or direct into a PA or recording interface. And because its output is buffered--even when bypassed--this supersedes the need for a standalone buffer on the board to keep the guitar strong and uncolored..." read full review at

5. The topology is similar to the Dxmble Overdrive Special, whereby the Fusion OD Channel shares the Equalization controls with the Clean Channel.* Like the Ethos Clean w/Fusion Boost mod, the Clean-Fusion Preamp comes with the latest Guitar Amplifier Compensation (GAC) & Speaker SIM Design Updates. The new GAC adds Richer Body to your tone. The Speaker SIM emulates top end compression making it sound better with all types of distortions and overdrives. Note: The Clean-Fusion Amp offers all of the above, plus an integrated 30 Watt (RMS) Power Amplifier.

"WOW!!! This pedal (and the sound that comes out of it) is AMAZING! I currently own at least 50 overdrive pedals and NONE of them (repeat NONE) sound as good as the Clean II does. It is not that my other pedals are low cost versions. I have many 'boutique' pedals from makers around the world. NONE of them are as SMOOTH as yours is and NONE of them respond to different playing 'attack' levels and at all kinds of volume levels like yours does.

In conclusion, I have used the Ethos through a number of diverse playing combinations and it is amazing; a highly recommended pedal for all around tone-tweaking purposes along with great singing overdrive that does not sound gnarly. This pedal is a must for folks who record, tour, and play different rooms with different back-line amplification provided. It allows you to keep a consistent tone through many different shapes/makes of amplifiers and provides a familiar tone-tweaking platform for very little floor space. It allows you to bring your recognizable signature sound, from your home studio to the pro-recording session and then on the road for your world tour. You will still sound like yourself.

If you need versatility and responsiveness in your overdrive pedal, look no further than Custom Tones' Ethos Overdrive. The Ethos Overdrive comes with two separate overdrive channels and a plethora of switches and control knobs for fine tuning your desired overdrive tone. Whether you need an immaculate Jazz-style clean boost, aggressive mid-range Rock tones, or anywhere from '70s-'90s half-stack dirtiness, the Ethos has your back - with incredible EQ options, a guitar amp compensation circuit for better synch with your rig, and the ability to run into a Speaker Simulator. In great condition and useful in tons of situations!

The Ethos Overdrive was inspired by one of the most sought after boutique guitar amplifiers ever made. Extensive time and attention to detail were required to emulate the tone and responsiveness of this amplifier. The key to Ethos tone, is its ability to transition from clean to overdriven tones just by the articulation of the guitar pick or guitar volume control. The Ethos not only offers great tone and touch sensitivity, but also provides a high degree of flexibility in one compact package. The Ethos provides two independent channels with an integral boost function resulting in 3 different footswitch selectable sounds. The Ethos can operate in many working situations as well. It can be used as a guitar amp pedal, a DI interface for broad band systems (e.g. PA, studio, or PC ) and a preamp that can feed a power amp/speaker combination.

But the winner I think is the /13 guitar amp I picked up. It has miraculously cured guitar gas which was an issue. I cut my electric collection to two r7s. With a jhs unicorn and ethos overdrive it gives exactly the clean and dirty sounds I hear in my head.My studio looks chipper for 2020.

Although the pedal is miniature, the mad professor found room for a 9V battery and captured the dumble feel quite faithfully. As I mentioned before, I only missed the fine-tuning option a little bit, but I enjoyed this dynamic overdrive the most out of this cheaper group. It is currently offered in an upgraded look.

Furthermore, you can look for a cheap variation of the Joyo Taichi zendrive or the NUX, mysteriously named Steel Singer Drive (because it has nothing in common with the original SSS or the Vertex SSS clone except the design). Of course, there are also many Chinese mini pedals with names like Dumbler, Dumbleweed or Gumble, which may partially open the dumble door for some. These are mostly nice overdrives with punchy mids but lack the creamy smoothness of higher quality d-effects. The Hotone Skyline Green Grass micro pedal is also interesting because you probably won't find another small yet decently playing box. Or, you can build a replica/clone. I have a few of those too, and the Koan Drive, for example, did well even next to the original Zendrive prototype.

As RuPaul's best squirrel friend Michelle Visage, co-doyenne of the amused and amusing judges, put it, "that was some next-level shit". She was referring to a high point in the contest's weekly lip sync-ing finales, right at the end of the new season's first entertainment (on Netflix), but it's true of the majority of the 13 queens presented over two episodes to compete for the crown. Usually you detect a weak link or two, and they're gone in the first weeks; you never got to know who they were. But this time no-one was sent home, and the quality looked like the best ever - a return to form after the lower-level repartee and pantomime-dame ethos of the first UK version. So much for a tired old formula.

Comedy queens? Try the plus-size Rock M Sakura, Widow Von 'Du and Sherry Pie - since disqualified for "catfishing," though we'll probably follow her through as far as the finale, is my hunch - or Persian princess Jackie Cox and the big-eyed, gat-toothed Heidi N Closet (though the judges agree that may be the worst drag name ever). Couture? French-born Nicky Doll will offer Gautier, Lagerfeld and Chanel all at once on the runway where others go for "oil-spill realness," Freddie Kruger or a lesbian-biker look for Easter at the trailer park - but that was Gigi Goode, who's also going for the Cinderella wow effect and can flip Vogue style around for comedy. The weirdos who've been obligatory ever since Sharon Needles and Alaska changed the game? Try Crystal Methyd, the dancing clown with top make-up skills, or Aiden Zhane, winningly odd in looks but possibly a bit fragile, time will tell. The format to showcase first seven and then six competitors before the ubiquitous and always revelatory main runway looks and lip-sync was simple: a fashion show catwalk of spring and autumn wear _ all stops pulled out _ and a group lip-sync to self-created lyrics allowing the queens solo spots to tell us who they are. "Who's That Bitch?" in Episode One was a rap number; "You Don't Know Me" allowed the next six to channel their inner Fosses. As often, rehearsals were edited to threaten disaster, plagued by disagreement, disorder and resentment, but surprise, surprise, each number pulled it out of the bag, with Heidi going into spectacular Death Becomes Her overdrive while lip-syncing.

That was nothing compared to the first finale, this time with the top rather than the bottom two in competition and no-one to "sashay away". It was "chantay, you stay" to both Gigi and Widow, though clearly the big lady, turning out double-jointed, splits-along-the-runway excess to the jaws-dropping amazement of all, was the winner, and one of the best of all time (my favourite remains Jinkx Monsoon, Season 5's winner, syncing to Yma Sumac). The numbers to be learned were by guest judges Nicki Menaj in Week One (in group photo on the right with Michelle Visage, RuPaul and Carlton Kressley) and Swede Robyn in Week Two. Robyn was endearing but looked a bit anxious, while Ms Menaj was all big-eyed charm and vivacity. We're promised an episode, presumably politically themed, featuring the wonderful Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (pictured above). As judge, she'll be more fully present than Nancy Pelosi, who just dropped in to show support, but the imprimatur of both is important: the anything-goes-except-meanness ethos ("be kind" is Ru's motto, and she sticks to it) shows young people they can be whoever or whatever they want, and to hell with the far-righters who talk of corruption and depravity. But above all, it's done with panache, style and hilarity (plus, of course, Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent). I'm hooked for the series.

As in most cultures, youths are the vanguard of this societal shift. But here, China's one-child population policy, an injection of free-enterprise ethos, plus a growing disillusionment with communism, all contribute to the creation of a generation of individualistic, pampered "little emperors." They have the means to go online to explore new values and the desire to join a "pop planet" cultural movement. 041b061a72




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