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Vladislav Rybakov
Vladislav Rybakov

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After she was rescued by Jack Harkness, the Doctor returned to her friends, but arrived ten months after they last saw her, and Graham and Ryan decided to continue with their lives on Earth, while Yaz decided to continue her adventures with the Doctor, having had trouble readjusting to a normal life after being fully immersed in the Doctor's world. Though she treated Yaz as her co-pilot, the Doctor kept her in the dark as she tried to find evidence of the Division to get answers regarding her stolen memories.

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After finding a lead in the Lupar Karvanista, the Doctor and Yaz pursued him to Earth as he went to collect Dan Lewis, the human he was species-bonded too, in order to protect him from the Flux, a force which would take apart the very structure of the cosmos, bringing about the end of the universe. With old foes resurfacing from a past forgotten and remembered, the Doctor and Yaz, joined by Dan, forged alliances with new and old friends in order to bring an end to the Flux, which culminated in the Doctor finding Tecteun in the gap between universes, where she found her stolen memories within a Biodata module and learnt that the Division, led by Tecteun, had unleashed the Flux to destroy the universe as they prepared to leave for "Universe Two". However, Tecteun was swiftly killed by the Ravagers and, as the Doctor's allies neutralised the Flux, they brought her before the personification of Time, who disintegrated them for their failure and allowed the Doctor to leave, but warned her of her looming fate.

As they regenerated, the Doctor relived memories from each of their past lives while the Twelfth Doctor continued to give advice, recalling the magnificence of their TARDIS, (COMIC: The Many Lives of Doctor Who) Ian and Barbara, (COMIC: The Path of Skulls) the strangeness of some of their adventures, (COMIC: Card Conundrum) their love for London (COMIC: Invasion of the Scorpion Men) and for parts of Earth outside the UK, such as New York City. (COMIC: Time Lady of Means) With the new incarnation becoming a certainty instead of a possibility, her actualised potential sent postcards to various friends as a "hello to the world", including V. M. McCrimmon and Grandfather Halfling in the City of the Saved (PROSE: Postscript) and Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart during his later years. (PROSE: When Times Change...)

Upon seeing Gallifrey in ruin, the Doctor reacted with devastation. After discovering the Spy Master was responsible for the act in retaliation for "the lie of the Timeless Child", the Doctor was left in a foul mood, (TV: Spyfall) that lasted for some time. (TV: Orphan 55, Fugitive of the Judoon) Even after some time had passed, the Doctor was still sore on the subject of dead planets. (TV: Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror) She would occasionally revisit Gallifrey. (TV: Fugitive of the Judoon) After the Master revealed that she was the Timeless Child of legend before the Division had redacted the memories of her earlier lives, the Doctor had a brief identity crisis, until a conversation with the Fugitive Doctor in the Matrix convinced her that, rather than being reduced to less, she "contain[ed] multitudes more than she ever thought". (TV: The Timeless Children) However, even after having "decades" in prison to dwell on her discovery, she admitted to Ryan that she was continuing to struggle with who she really was. (TV: Revolution of the Daleks) The Doctor then became desperate to seek answers on her forgotten past, (TV: The Halloween Apocalypse, Once, Upon Time) but, once she held all the answers in her hand, she elected to leave them for another day when she reflected on what she had already learnt. (TV: The Vanquishers)

A year later, in 1984, Jonathan has become protective of Will, but not nearly as much as his mother. When talking to Will in his bedroom, he noticed Will drawing himself as "Zombie Boy". Concerned, Jonathan attempted to get Will to open up, but a frustrated Will said that he's grown sick of everyone becoming so attentive of him, saying it makes him feel more like a freak. Jonathan told him he wasn't, and Will reaffirmed that he was. After a moment, Jonathan agreed that Will was a freak, catching Will off guard. But Jonathan said that he shouldn't be like everyone else and being a freak is a best since Jonathan himself is a freak. Will asked if that was because he didn't have friends, causing Jonathan to chuckle awkwardly and say he had friends. Will asked then why does he always hang out with him, causing Jonathan to say that his brother is his best friend, and he'd rather hang out with "Zombie Boy" than some "boring nobody". He asked Will who he'd rather hang out with: Kenny Rogers or David Bowie. When Will reacted to Kenny Rogers in disgust, Jonathan reaffirmed his statement, saying that nobody normal ever accomplished anything meaningful in this world. Will said that some people like Kenny Rogers. Bob interrupted them and said that he loved Kenny Rogers, causing the brothers to laugh when Bob left the room. On Halloween, when driving Will to the Wheelers, Jonathan complained to Will that he didn't get what their mother saw in Bob. Will defended Bob, saying that he didn't treat him different than everyone else, noting how lame it was he couldn't go trick-or-treating alone. Jonathan jokingly asked if he was lame, and Will said that he wasn't, but it wasn't like Nancy was watching Mike. Arriving at the Wheelers, Jonathan stopped Will and told him that if he didn't get in any trouble and got back to Mike's by 9:00, Jonathan would allow him to go trick-or-treating alone. Will happily agreed, high-fiving his brother, and Jonathan, impersonating Bob as Dracula, told him that "he hoped it doesn't suck". After leaving town to assist Nancy in taking down Hawkins Lab, Jonathan returned to find his house in disarray, and realized that Will was at Hawkins Lab. Arriving there, he rescued his brother and mother from vicious Demodogs. Back at their home, Jonathan tearfully rubbed his unconscious brother's hair, apologizing for not being there for him. In the Byers' shed, when interrogating Will, Jonathan attempted to regain his brother's memories by emotionally recollecting the time they built Castle Byers and the first time he showed him The Clash by playing it on his radio. At Hopper's cabin, Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy attempted to get the Mind Flayer out of Will by overheating him and tying him down. Will's cries of pain proved to get to Jonathan, who hugged Nancy and turned away as tears streamed down his face. When the plan appeared to not be working, Jonathan began turning off the radiators, much to Joyce's protest. Jonathan yelled that she was killing him, but after Nancy pointed out that it was working since the Mind Flayer was beginning to exit Will's body through his throat. After the plan succeeded, Joyce and Jonathan hugged a disoriented yet once again normal Will. A month later, Jonathan video-recorded Will practicing to slow dance with his mother in their living room. Will asked if he always had to record everything, and Jonathan smugly said that he only recorded the "good stuff". Jonathan chaperoned Will at the Snow Ball while he took photos for students.

By 1986, Will was starting to be ignored by Jonathan due to his older brother stressing about college and his relationship with Nancy. When dropping off the kids at the Rink-O-Mania, Jonathan called out to Will, smiling as he told him to have fun. Will flatly said he will as he trudged in, and Jonathan was shown to be somewhat concerned. It was then revealed Jonathan planned to attend community college so he can remain close to Will and his family, instead of attending college with Nancy as he did not want to abandon them. After the pair smoke weed to de-stress, they returned to Rink-O-Mania to find an ambulance attending to Angela's broken nose, with Mike, Will, and El sitting glumly. After being picked up by Jonathan and Argyle, Will was annoyed as Jonathan and Argyle joked about the roller-skating incident as they had been smoking weed. The next morning, Jonathan attempted to coax Will and Mike to go see a showing of Police Academy 3 and not mope around, but Will said it would be better to stay home. Later, the brothers watched television when the doorbell rang with the brothers betting their mom had forgotten something. When Jonathan answered the door, two police officers had arrived to arrest El for attacking Angela. After El's arrest, the brothers attempt to contact their mother, who had flown to Alaska, but their attempts of contact are interrupted by Owen's agents who explained they rescued El and took her away to help her regain her powers and defeat a new evil in Hawkins. The next morning, Jonathan decided to escape from the agents guarding him, Will, and Mike by hailing a ride from Argyle. Later on, when the army invaded the Byers home, Jonathan protected his brother and Mike by shielding them from the gunfire. Throughout the quartet's days of travel, Jonathan and Will worked together to find El's location. In Nevada, Will tearfully told Mike that El will need him and turned away to sob into his hand, something which Jonathan noticed. That night, as the brothers prepared the sensory deprivation tank inside the Surfer Boy Pizza freezer, Will was saddened when observing Mike, El, and Argyle having fun together, Jonathan, noticing, distracted Will by telling him the story of how when they were little, Will had a LEGO figurine named Larry stuck in his nose and Jonathan had to get tweezers to pull him out, causing Will to laugh. Jonathan then began to apologize to Will for not being there for him recently, admitting that his problems have affected their relationship, and told him that he missed how they use to talk more. As Will began to tear up, Jonathan told his brother that he loved him and that no matter what, nothing would change that. Will, through his tears, told him he'll always be there for him, and Jonathan said he knows he is. The two embraced, and Jonathan told Will that things would be okay as Will wept and composed himself. Two days later, after temporarily defeating Vecna, Jonathan and Will returned to Hawkins where they reunited with their friends and worked to rebuild Hopper's cabin before they happily reunited with their mother. 041b061a72




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