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[S16E6] Episode TOP

"I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining" is the sixth episode of the sixteenth season of the American animated sitcom South Park, and the 229th episode overall. It was aired on Comedy Central in the United States on April 18, 2012 and is rated TV-MA L. The episode, which parodies reality shows such as Animal Planet's I Shouldn't Be Alive, depicts the four main characters on a trip to Colorado Mountains, where their attempts at ziplining, are met with unexpected turns. The episode is narrated by Eric Meyers, who also provides the narration for I Shouldn't Be Alive.[1]

[S16E6] Episode

The power boat turns out to be slow as well (going five miles an hour), and the boys snap. Cartman is blamed for his diarrhea, everyone is trying to recall whose idea it was to go ziplining to begin with, except for Kenny, who does not care as he is apparently dying from a combination of boredom and herpes. Cartman defecates into the water; it attracts beavers, which the boys fight off offscreen. They then realize that falling asleep might result in their death, so in order to keep everyone awake, Kyle asks Cartman to share his drink (now "Diet Double Dew", which has half the caffeine and sugar of "Double Dew", equivalent to regular Mountain Dew), but he refuses to let Kenny touch it because he has herpes. Kenny eventually dies of boredom and the three boys end up contracting herpes from sharing it anyway. When Kyle and Cartman start arguing on whose idea it was to go ziplining again, Stan admits that he was the one who signed them up for the ziplining tour, in order to receive a free 5th generation iPod nano (which cannot be traded). Stan however revealed this earlier in the episode in one of the interview scenes that excessively occur throughout, although he was reluctant to tell his friends. Kyle and Cartman are outraged and they all have an emotional breakdown. Just as all hope seems lost, the boys are miraculously rescued by Mr. Hankey who takes them home. At this point, the live action sequence ends and reverts to its original animation format (however, the short interview scenes were still animated during the live action sequence).

In the aftermath, Kenny's body is delivered to his family. Stan and Cartman are treated for their herpes (Cartman, having previously mocked Kenny for having herpes, now claims his was a cold sore), and Kyle is hospitalized due to Cartman's feces getting stuck in his nose following Cartman's incessant flatulence. Motivated to raise awareness about the boredom risks of ziplining, Stan makes a video, but ends up "jackin' it in San Diego" à la Jason Russell again as he did in the previous episode. Cartman goes back to drinking Diet Double Dew as he refuses to "Dew the Math".

This was an important episode because it shows how people with mental illnesses (in this case OCD) often turn to alcohol or drugs to self-medicate and help themselves cope. And it hopefully can serve as a wake-up call to governments and public agencies that we need to reform the way we deal with mentally ill people in this country. We need more state-sponsored psychiatric hospitals, more social services for the mentally ill and provide better access to medications to treat mental illness.

Hi KristieI just watched your episode and was inspired by your courage.I am so pleased to see you are doing well.I know how hard it is to live with mental illness, my anxiety drove my to drugs and alcohol at my worst times. It was so great to see an episode of intervention tackling this issue.All the best!

Unsurprisingly, episode 5 ended on a major cliffhanger, as the fate of characters JJ and Luke is left unknown after the duo faces an explosion. One thing is for sure, viewers are beyond curious to see if JJ and Luke made it out alive.

Series 16, Episode 6SeasonEpisode166Air date27th February, 2011Viewers6.53 millionStar(s)John PrescottEpisode guidePreviousNextSeries 16, Episode 5Series 17, Episode 1The sixth and final episode of the sixteenth series of Top Gear aired on the 27th of February, 2011. It was presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and The Stig. British politician and former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, previously much maligned in the presence of the three hosts, was the guest star.

Jeremy opens up this episode by informing the audience that in the 1980s, there were only two cars that got Richard Hammond's pre-pubescent heart racing; and that he is going to be driving both of them.

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