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Vladislav Rybakov
Vladislav Rybakov

Dash Lily 1x1

The lili buttons on the ribber are representations of every other needle set up, akin to the 1X1 card use on the main bed. It is essential for an even number of needles to be in use when the lili buttons are in use (pushed in, and turned toward the lili markings on each side of the ribber carriage, R to R, L to L). An easy way to ensure the even number is to look at the needle tape markings, which alternate between dashes and blank spaces between them. A line/ dash and space make a pair, so if you start with a needle on a line, the last needle on the opposing side needs to be on a blank space or vice versa. The holding cam lever remains in N position throughout these illustrations.

Dash Lily 1x1





  • Riva Motwani
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