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Vladislav Rybakov
Vladislav Rybakov

Yamaha 01x Drivers Windows 7 64 Bit |TOP|

I have not been able to get this setup to work with my new matchbook pro. I have a thunderbolt to firewire 400 adapter plugged into the computer, Logic scan seems to see it but will not communicate transport buttons. Can not find new Mlan drivers for Logic X.

Yamaha 01x drivers windows 7 64 bit


First of all, Mlan was written in 32 bit and worked fine with logic 9 and OS 10.2 - 10.6... But when Apple went to 64 bit os, things changed. Need to find someone who will rewrite "MLAN" drivers, Patch Bay, and Connection Manager into 64 bit. Where is an apple programer when you need one?

Upon further investigation, there was hints to try to emulate a Mackie Control Surface but this has not worked for me. My Logic 10 sort of sees my 01X,(as a Mackie) but I have not been able to get the Learn mode to see transport keys or faders. I think this is where the new updated drivers would work. I have tried to install the yamaha software but keep getting failures.... I guessing that it is the difference between 32 and 64 bit.

It's unfortunate that yamaha would not see this as a customer service upgrade. I mean my 01X works well, and is worth more to me as is, than to trade it in. Plus, there really is not anything quite like it that I have found in a multi purpose audio workstation. And I am sure that they have sold more than two...

Now, I am taking the digital stereo out from the Yamaha 01x(SPDIF) and inputing to the Focusrite 18i20. This allows me to send a digital stereo mix to Logic. So, let's say I have 8 mics plugged into the 01X, (even midi) lets say I am recording a choir or a brass section or a drum kit, I could do a sub mix with the Yamaha and only take up two channels in logic. The only problem with this situation is, your mix from the yamaha is what you get, if it's good it can save you, if it's too low or too loud and distorted, your screwed. In this case, in reality, it's just letting me use 8 more inputs but restricted to two outputs.... Back in the old days when we only had 16 tracks to record with, this situation would be great. But with Logic X, we can have so many tracks, you need 8 eyes and 4 hands just to hit record. lol

Unfortunately, despite many "promises' a long while back... Yamaha have failed to deliver a 64bit mLAN driver for either Windows or OS X... amd it now appears they never will, much to the annoyance and frustration of many mLAN device owners... It is assumed the reason for the lack of updated drivers is, the lack of success of the 'mLAN' standard... which never really took off... and is now considered very old "End of Line" and therefore discontinued technology ... as is the hardware it is/was used in conjunction with.. such as the long discontinued 01x.

As of early 2008, mLAN appeared to have reached the end of its product life. Third party developers have discontinued or retracted their mLAN products from the market, and Yamaha itself ceased any new releases of mLAN hardware or updates to the mLAN software and drivers. Even though recent FireWire based products from Yamaha can interoperate with earlier mLAN devices using a computer, any mention of mLAN is notably absent from new product announcements and driver updates over the last few years.

The references in Apple's Logic Pro X compatible controller surfaces documentation and webpage are therefore incorrect now though originally, I assume the entry for the 01x was based on the supposedly 'coming soon' 64bit drivers.. and/or maybe it's just a legacy from the older version of the specs for Logic Pro 9 and never got removed

The mLan16E2 (As used in the Motif XS series for example..) which MOTIFXS8MINE is referring to did have 64bit drivers written for it... but they proved to be very unreliable / unstable under OS X... and these drivers have not been updated since 2009...

I was basing my comments on a couple of reports i received from 10.9 users when trying to get the then latest 64bit drivers up and running with the mLAN16E2 and it kept crashing or locking up for no good reason. It would appear from your statement, that these issues have now been fixed and I wasn't aware that had been the case...

So, while your comments were not directly related to the actual subject being discussed in this thread... (The 01X), the head's up... in regards to the newer drivers and newer hardware, is much appreciated!

To be clear- I own the mLAN16E2. Probably would own the FW16E but they made them optional in the XF and there just wasn't enough variance between the XS and XF to justify the upgrade in my mind- the flash drive notwithstanding. Anyway, the only issues I have had were related to how Kontakt handles samples (I originally thought it was a YSFW issue), the presence of Pro Tools drivers and software (which conflicted with other software and drivers, including the YSFW) and the current issue (which may just be the result of moving all samples and V.I's to external disk).

Yamaha hasn't sent any compatible driver's since 10.6 Snow Leopard for 01X. I also fell that's a shame that a company like Yamaha decides that a mixer and audio interface of this quality and price becomes obsolete after a few years because they decide not to develop new drivers.

HI all, I have had the 01x since new (about 2 months after they came out) and yes it works with windows 10 (x64) but I only ever managed to get it working in test mode (development). If you follow my youtube video it should work with almost any firewire card, I have only found one that never worked. I created a second bootable drive specifically to use the mixer although working in test mode is not a big issue.

The 01X comes with an impressive bundle of Windows software including this Tiny Wave Editor stereo editor.It didn't take me long to get up and running with the ASIO drivers and Cubase SX 2.0.1, and I experienced no problems even using the lowest 2ms buffer size and very low latency setting at 44.1kHz, giving me a reported input latency of 3ms and output latency of 4ms. The remote control functions also worked well (Yamaha use Cubase SX examples extensively in the 01X Owner's Manual), while the final ever Logic Audio release 5.5.1 on the PC is also reported to work fine with the 01X with the ASIO drivers.

Sonar users should currently stick with WDM drivers, as even with the latest Sonar version 3.01 patch, using ASIO drivers with the 01X resulted in sound breakup like gross distortion, as I also found they did in Wavelab 4.01. Yamaha are aware of this, and a driver release slated for February is expected to resolve the problem. Once I'd switched to WDM from the 01X Driver Setup window I managed Sonar 's lowest 2.2ms effective latency at 44.1kHz with no glitching, and Wavelab also worked fine, although once you click on the Set button after selecting a new driver Mode I found it could take anything up to a minute to perform the changeover and reinitialise the 01X.

I remember that MLAN was truly awful when I own a 01x for one week. I never forgave yamaha or their mlan standard for that :) just like I never forgave kurzweil for the continual button failure on my k2500.

Someday soon firewire will go the way of the serial port but right now it is still a standard. Also, the motif es is still in high levels of usage so I just wish Yamaha would do like what MOTU does; they still support a lot of their legacy gear. Its not like they need to write drivers from scratch. Instead, they need to make their drivers compatible with Windows 7 64 (apparently the Vista 32 bit drivers work with Windows 7 32).

O problema é que tenho um mixer digital Yamaha 01X, que funciona como interface de áudio e MIDI e também como superfície de controle, e, lamentavelmente, a Yamaha não disponibilizou os respectivos drivers o para Windows 7. Nesta situação, o que fazer então com o equipamento?

Works perfectly nice including the motor faders following fader settings being changed in Cubase. Am not using it as a mixer for external sound sources or microphones. Perhaps this works too via the Studio Manager connection on the other midi port.Some more background:I got a 01X from a friend. Tried then to use it with its MLAN-drivers under Windows 7.

Also looked at the plenty of hints of this Facebook group. But did not get to run it near to be smoothly even after hours of trying. The MLAN-hacks required a lot of fiddeling. Usage of unsigned drivers, special boot modes, special Firewire card etc.

Dear Microsoft,I have this with a that won't work on Windows 10 x64.I've tried Windows XP SP2 compatibility, using the 1394 OHCI Legacy Driver, a FireWire adapter with Texas Instruments chipset instead of VIA, even turned off Driver Signature Enforcement and signed the drivers manually, but Windows won't establish the mLANconnection with the device.

I am considering the QU16 as a control surface for Studio One using windows 1064. I am looking to replace my old Yamaha 01x which still works as originally intended but with issues, I have to run windows 10 in development (test) mode (Yamaha never updated the drivers beyond windows XP) and since I have been upgrading my studio this is the last item on my list. From the documentation it would appear most of what they have developed for DAW control is MAC only yet there now appears to be a windows driver?

SO please anyone what if any DAW control is available from the QU16 using windows to DAW software. Is it just USB not TCP/IP and is the audio interface /mcc Mackie control available visible in some any or all DAWS? and can it potentially be programmed to more or are you stuck with what the drivers offer? 350c69d7ab




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