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Angel Thompson

The Benefits and Drawbacks of English ID Starter Richmond PDF 16l for Beginners

English ID Starter Richmond PDF 16l: A Review

Are you looking for a coursebook that can help you learn English quickly and effectively? Do you want to improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills while also building your own identity in English? If so, you might be interested in English ID Starter Richmond PDF 16l, a popular young adult series that offers a fresh and engaging approach to learning English. In this article, we will review this coursebook and tell you everything you need to know about it.

English Id Starter Richmond Pdf 16l

What is English ID Starter Richmond PDF 16l?

English ID Starter Richmond PDF 16l is a digital version of the English ID Starter Student's Book, which is part of the English ID series published by Richmond ELT. It is a coursebook designed for young adults who want to learn English for personal, academic, or professional purposes. It covers topics such as greetings, numbers, countries, jobs, food, time, and technology.

The coursebook has several features and benefits that make it an attractive choice for learners. Some of them are:

  • It uses a communicative approach that focuses on developing fluency and accuracy in speaking and writing.

  • It incorporates authentic texts and audiovisual materials that reflect the interests and needs of young adults.

  • It provides a variety of activities and tasks that stimulate critical thinking and creativity.

  • It includes a language map that summarizes the vocabulary, grammar, and skills covered in each unit.

  • It offers a review section at the end of each unit that helps learners consolidate their learning.

  • It comes with an online platform that gives access to additional resources such as videos, games, tests, and a dictionary.

How to use English ID Starter Richmond PDF 16l?

English ID Starter Richmond PDF 16l is easy to use and follow. It has a clear structure and organization that guides learners through the different sections of each unit. Here is how each unit is divided:

  • ID Language map: This is an overview of the main language points and skills that learners will practice in the unit. It also shows the learning objectives and outcomes for each section.

  • Vocabulary: This section introduces new words and phrases related to the topic of the unit. It also helps learners recognize cognates, words that have a similar form or meaning in different languages.

  • Listening: This section exposes learners to different types of listening texts such as songs, dialogues, interviews, and podcasts. It also teaches learners how to listen for general or specific information.

  • Grammar: This section presents and explains the grammar rules and structures that learners need to know. It also provides exercises and examples to help learners practice them.

  • Speaking & Skills: This section develops learners' speaking skills such as introducing oneself, asking and answering questions, expressing opinions, and describing things. It also integrates other skills such as reading, writing, and pronunciation.

  • Writing: This section teaches learners how to write different types of texts such as emails, blogs, profiles, and descriptions. It also gives tips and strategies on how to plan, organize, and edit their writing.

  • ID Café: This is a fun and interactive section that simulates real-life situations where learners can use the language they have learned. It also encourages learners to share their opinions and experiences with their classmates.

  • Review: This is a self-assessment section that helps learners check their progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses. It also gives feedback and suggestions on how to improve.

To use the coursebook effectively, learners should follow these tips and strategies:

  • Read the ID Language map before starting each unit and review it after finishing it.

  • Use the online platform to access more resources and practice more exercises.

  • Listen to the audio tracks as many times as needed and repeat after the speakers.

  • Use the dictionary to look up unfamiliar words and learn their meanings, pronunciations, and spellings.

  • Write down new words and phrases in a notebook and review them regularly.

  • Do the activities and tasks in pairs or groups and interact with your classmates.

  • Ask your teacher for help or clarification whenever you have doubts or difficulties.

Who is English ID Starter Richmond PDF 16l for?

English ID Starter Richmond PDF 16l is suitable for young adults who are beginners or elementary level learners of English. It is ideal for those who want to learn English for personal, academic, or professional reasons. It is also appropriate for those who want to prepare for international exams such as Cambridge English: Key (KET).

The coursebook has some advantages and disadvantages that learners should consider before choosing it. Some of them are:


It is engaging and motivating for young adults.It might be too easy or boring for more advanced learners.

It is comprehensive and covers all the language skills.It might not cover some specific topics or situations that learners need.