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Vladislav Rybakov
Vladislav Rybakov

Fat People (2009): Download Torrent

Well quiet frankly I didnt know bit torrents where illegal i have downloaded a couple of older games that i didnt even know they had for pc but with all this warnings coming in the mail to people iam honestly getting kind of scared besides i have no money to pay a big fine for something so simple. I think that the law system in the USA is quiet messed up and upside down in some aspects but what can 1 voice change? Like one of the previous reader posted on top what will a leak of couple of thousand dollars 100,000 dollars do to their billion dollar industry comon people thats like a penny from a dollar.Please read the article. Torrents are not illegal. Using them to download pirated and copyrighted software without permission is illegal. There are many legal uses of torrents.22-Nov-2009

Fat People (2009): download torrent

Download Zip:

HII am now even more confused. Please clarify..If I use different torrent website to download movies and music (not sure about copyright status) , is it illegal ? Can I get in trouble ??ThanksYou need to be sure about copyright status, as that is what makes it legal or illegal. Torrents and bittorrent are just technology and not illegal. Downloading a copyrighted movie or music is regardless of how you do it.04-May-2010




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