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Vladislav Rybakov
Vladislav Rybakov

Creative Zen Vision W Media Explorer Full [CRACKED] Version

i had the old vision:m and it was a awesome reliable player. although i moved on to a ipod video 60gb i do miss being able to play avi/divx videos. The vision:w does look a bit too big though. For nothappy you can use windows media player to copy the files over.

Creative Zen Vision W Media Explorer Full Version


about your battery, for my zen vision m, i used to have it plugged in, and chargin while i used it on home speakerss andhtinks, if you keep things charging, or just plugged in while its finished charging for a long time, the battery life goes down, so my zen m used to have a 14 hour bat life, and now it has about a 8, so you might just want a new battery. though, ithink that creative should make a battery like they did for the vision, where its extended time. OR another one, that its just an adapter, that you can put AA or AAA batterys in, so its like a shell, and you can just keep putting batterys in over and over, it would be great

OK, I tried to get the firmware program to detect my micro, like you I could not get it to detect my player. This means that windows media player 11 is in fact conflicting with the firmware update program. Did you uninstall the windows media player 11 and revert back to version 10? Also, I don't recall telling you to delete your firmware. If you do not have firmware on your player, simply go into recovery mode and attempt to load it from there.




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