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Angel Thompson
Angel Thompson

Download UPDATED Full Stack Serverless Pdf

Serverless Stack is a framework for building full-stack serverless apps. The bigger player in this space is the Serverless framework. Serverless Stack is giving the Serverless framework (yes, I know, it can be very confusing at times) a challenge to the throne. The latter has been around for many years now and has been the authority for building serverless apps. There are pros and cons to both of them.

Download Full Stack Serverless pdf


MyStack.js is where we declare the resources we need inside a given CloudFormation stack. This can be anything from a cluster of Lambda functions, API Gateway endpoints, DynamoDB tables, S3 buckets, etc. The full list of resources that we can create with Serverless Stack is listed here in the documentation. For our project we just need one API endpoint with API gateway, so what we are provided with here is already sufficient.

This is the first of a two-part series, in which we discuss how to set up a development environment with Amazon Managed Blockchain for a full-stack NFT application as well as introduce different libraries and concepts that can help you develop and test of your NFT application. The second part of the post walks you through a sample full stack NFT application that enforces some of the concepts discussed in this post.

We start by presenting a reference architecture of a full stack NFT application. The following architecture shows how you can deploy a fully tested NFT application on AWS infrastructure for a production environment.

The NFT full stack application consists of three tiers. The first tier is a presentation tier that you can deploy to Amazon S3 and access via Amazon CloudFront. The middle tier is responsible for implementing the business logic as well as connecting the front-end client application to the blockchain network. In the reference architecture, the middle tier uses Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Cognito, and AWS Lambda to provide a highly secure and scalable solution. You can integrate this solution with other purpose-built databases to store data outside of the blockchain network. The Lambda function in this tier works with Managed Blockchain to provide seamless access to the Ethereum network for sending and monitoring transactions. Finally, the third tier is the smart contract that will implement NFT specification.

Any action (or function) in a serverless platform can be turned into a HTTP endpoint ready to be consumed by web clients. When enabled for web, these actions are called web actions. Once you have web actions, you can assemble them into a full-featured API with an API gateway that brings additional security, OAuth support, rate limiting, and custom domain support. 041b061a72




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